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Welcome to Colors Of Beauty™ Store

Welcome to the “Colors Of Beauty” line of products. We are happy that you have chosen our products for your skin care need. These products have been clinically tested and continues to be tested daily in our clinical medical practice. Our products have passed the scrutiny of fellow physicians and health professionals. In addition, we are constantly listening to you as a consumer to see what your needs are,and from the feedback we get from you,we create products that better soothe your daily skin care needs. Our products are designed to be used by all skin types We have put several years of research into bringing you the “Colors Of Beauty”™ Correction line. The products have been well tested for quality. It contains nourishing botanicals and anti-oxidants blended with advanced technology. You can read more about the ingredients that go into our formulations as you review the site. These products are not just cosmetics,they are cosmoceuticals. We are medical doctors.

Men Sheepskin Hot Style for men. The comfort style that men can wear at work or out about town...
Passport Toner/Pore Minimizer
Formulated with all natural pure organic ingredient...

Bioactive Foot Silicoat
The Foot coat this is a unique product that shields and protects your feet with a rich silicone coat with he..
Women casual sheepskin This casual sheepskin,..

Body Towel
Experience the Colors of beauty label Turkish rich,..
Women casual sheepskin This casual sheepskin...

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